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iPhone Friday_1

Dreams have been described as a way for the brain to catalogue all the thoughts and occurrences of the day…sort of an endless box where note cards come randomly tumbling in as the brain tries to sort things out. But since the introduction of the […]

Atlas Container: day1

Atlas Container is an old-line, established manufacturer of corrugated boxes. Sitting equidistant from Washington, Baltimore and Annapolis, Atlas is the type of industry that has long been part of the backbone of middle-class America. With approximately 180 employees, a sturdy, nondescript, mid-century facility and unfettered […]

My Eyes

We must have gotten our first television when I was six or seven; boxy, ugly, imposing and fascinating all at once. The only problem was I had to sit very close to see the picture clearly. By the time I was eight, I was wearing […]


Tucked away in the heart of Rome, Via Marghutta runs parallel to the Via Babuino, one of Rome’s shopping meccas. The charming and oh-so-discreet lane was made famous in 1953’s Roman Holiday with Gregory Peck and Audrey Hepburn. Only blocks away from the Spanish Steps, […]


The first 4×5 camera I bought is a lovely little folding machine that weighs barely a pound. In the mid-1970’s I went through a period of photographic wandering with that camera shooting a number of store windows at night. When I recently came across the […]

La Palina

One of the things I love about location work is the hunt for good images in places I’ve never been, sort of like burrowing below the surface of a thing or a place to find the real nuggets. For several days last summer, with the […]

Late one night, almost nine years ago, I had a sort of photographic epiphany: street portraits of random people caught on a single piece of film (digital was not yet my tool of choice). To complicate matters, I added the idea that all the pictures […]

Broadway, LA style

Fredi Reiher and I stood outside Clifton’s Brookdale Cafeteria on Broadway in the heart of old Los Angeles in November 2006. We were patiently waiting, through most of the day, for people to agree to be photographed for my OneShot project. Clifton’s facade is a […]


My first visit to Europe was in 1972; 13 weeks from London to Barcelona, to Paris, to Hamburg, to Malmo and Paris again, then off to Israel and Greece. But no Italy. Fast forward to 2010 and I finally made it to Rome. Here’s the […]

bookstores: B&N + Borders

We’ve all seen the implosion of the bookstore world, especially when it comes to the thoughtful curatingĀ of the elegant/esoteric selections. So I find myself wandering the aisles of the two behemoths (notice the similarity of the carpeting) with iPhone in hand and peripheral vision on […]

burn magazine

Here is the REAL thing; unencumbered, breathtaking and profound documentary photography. Visit now, then please support this slice of greatness and purchase the magazine. Thanks to David Allan Harvey for keeping the fire burning…