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Sally Bedell Smith

A great by-product of photographing someone more than once is that if a comfort level is established during the first session a deeper, more rewarding experience can occur at future shoots. When I first photographed Sally Bedell Smith for Vanity Fair (in 2002) it didn’t […]

LOOK3 may well be the tightest, most focused entry in the burgeoning field of photography festivals. Over four days in early June LOOK3 devotes itself to the power of documentary photography presented in the small city of Charlottesville, home to the University of Virginia and […]

If it walks like a duck…

If it walks like a duck…

While opining about the iPhone, Chase Jarvis has eloquently coined the phrase “The best camera is the one you have with you”. How true. Yet I sometimes get a little frustrated with the ‘no-controls’ world of the iPhone and have often wished I had a […]

Atlas Container: random beauty

Photography’s ability to isolate pieces of our environment is one of its greatest strengths and one of its most misleading arbiters of art. While I wander around the controlled chaos at Atlas I see pictures everywhere; but in execution some work and some don’t. Without […]


This recent image by 2009 Pulitzer Prize winner Damon Winter from The New York Times needs no caption…it almost has a soundtrack. Wow. I can’t really say why it stopped me any more than the hundreds and thousands of others that have been shot in […]

iPhone Friday_2

Andre Dubus III read from his recent memoir,¬†Townie, at Politics & Prose last night and seduced the audience with a fluid, twenty-minute excerpt from his first venture into the realm of memory. In that I have been giving a bit of thought to dreams and […]

Central Park: Shopper’s Heaven

I have passed this sign near Fredericksburg, VA several times but finally stopped to admire its all-in-one magnificence…I had to take a picture. Really, could anything match this for efficiency? Or for subtlety? Frederick Law Olmsted must be turning in his grave.

Richard Avedon

Late in 1993 I rented my studio to Richard Avedon for several days as he photographed a number of people who had worked in Washington during JFK’s administration. Meeting ‘Dick’ (as he insisted I call him) was a true injection of adrenalin, and listening to […]

Atlas Container: day2

Thelma insisted on her cardboard ‘skirt’…Alan is a ‘double-backer’ on the huge corrugated cardboard line…and Paul is Atlas’s jack-of-all-trades. As of 2/24/11, seventy-two members of the Atlas family have agreed to pose for me. Stay tuned…


When I tell people¬†I grew up in a small city in northern Alabama I am routinely met with a quizzical “wow, what was that like?” Truth is, without anything to compare it to, I like to think it was similar to growing up almost anywhere […]