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iPhone Friday_2

Andre Dubus III read from his recent memoir,¬†Townie, at Politics & Prose last night and seduced the audience with a fluid, twenty-minute excerpt from his first venture into the realm of memory. In that I have been giving a bit of thought to dreams and […]

iPhone Friday_1

Dreams have been described as a way for the brain to catalogue all the thoughts and occurrences of the day…sort of an endless box where note cards come randomly tumbling in as the brain tries to sort things out. But since the introduction of the […]

bookstores: B&N + Borders

We’ve all seen the implosion of the bookstore world, especially when it comes to the thoughtful curating¬†of the elegant/esoteric selections. So I find myself wandering the aisles of the two behemoths (notice the similarity of the carpeting) with iPhone in hand and peripheral vision on […]