Atlas Container: day2

Thelma insisted on her cardboard ‘skirt’…Alan is a ‘double-backer’ on the huge corrugated cardboard line…and Paul is Atlas’s jack-of-all-trades. As of 2/24/11, seventy-two members of the Atlas family have agreed to pose for me. Stay tuned…


When I tell peopleĀ I grew up in a small city in northern Alabama I am routinely met with a quizzical “wow, what was that like?” Truth is, without anything to compare it to, I like to think it was similar to growing up almost anywhere else in America in the 50’s and 60’s: public schools, […]

iPhone Friday_1

Dreams have been described as a way for the brain to catalogue all the thoughts and occurrences of the day…sort of an endless box where note cards come randomly tumbling in as the brain tries to sort things out. But since the introduction of the iPhone all the images I choose to shoot don’t seem […]

burn magazine

Here is the REAL thing; unencumbered, breathtaking and profound documentary photography. Visit now, then please support this slice of greatness and purchase the magazine. Thanks to David Allan Harvey for keeping the fire burning…