One That Almost Got Away_5

During the search for images to accompany my post about Delamer Duverus and my week at The University of Missouri Photojournalism Workshop in 1977,  I stumbled on a photograph that (again) I have no memory of shooting. And in that this image feels so unlike […]


One of my early heroes in photography was Ernst Haas, an Austrian who was a pioneer of color imagery and in 1962 had the first single-artist exhibition of color photography at Moma. Haas, an early member of Magnum, refused an offer from Life Magazine in […]

Creative Quarterly 28

Creative Quarterly is featuring one of my portraits from the Oraedah orphanage in Haiti. This little girl’s remarkable presence has stayed with me long after my visit in 2011. The powerful, take-no-prisoners attitude she conveys speaks volumes; it seems as if she is wise beyond […]

Defiant Requiem

A photograph of someone should provide evidence of a collaboration, of a moment in time not unlike two people simply having a strong, satisfying conversation. Similarly, so many great moments in film and television frequently feature the stark simplicity of two people talking. There might […]

Melissa Etheridge

I had the opportunity to photograph Melissa Etheridge for The National Museum of Women in the Arts ’25 Art Lovers’ campaign. Honored by the museum at their annual fundraiser/dinner as a tie-in to their successful ‘Women in Rock’ exhibition, Melissa arrived on schedule with a […]


I always love it when I get challenged by an assignment, when someone has enough confidence in my skills and invites me to step in a different direction and collaborate on making a concept come to life. So when Tom Kendzie of Grafik Communications contacted […]

Honor Guard

Since the opening of the World War II Memorial in 2004 in Washington, thousands of veterans have been flown in from all over the country to visit this monumental offering to the ‘greatest war’. These Honor Guard ‘honorings’ are an impressive undertaking by dedicated men […]

Go with your gut…

Go with your gut…

Things to love about magazine photography, Part 2: -Phone rings at 4pm on a Tuesday. -Can you shoot on Wednesday? Yes. -Need the final file on Thursday. Can do. Its such a rush for me to show up at a new place, be shown a […]

August 2012 PDN

For over thirty years Photo District News — now known as PDN — has been a mainstay of the photography industry. Starting as a small trade magazine printed on newsprint, PDN has grown to become the bible for working professionals as well as a strong […]

Delamer Duverus

In the fall of 1977, three years into my job as staff photographer at The National Zoo, I was getting bored. With little structure to guide me and being too young to appreciate what I had, I started thinking about shifting gears. For several years […]

we two…

The Family of Man, the companion volume to Edward Steichen’s seminal 1955 exhibition of the same name at MoMA, was the first book of photography to have a lasting impact on me. Before I ever picked up a camera, I remember the distinct pull of […]

digital saves the day

A photograph can appear so quickly that almost before it registers it’s gone. All in an instant, my instinct is to lift the camera, point and pray. If I had seen this photo when film was king and the exposure was as far off as […]