From a window

Another reason to shout the praises of the iPhone is that sturdy phrase “the best camera is the one you have with you.” Driving through stop and go traffic in any city means a fair amount of…stop. So as not to forfeit shooting opportunities, I […]

US Mint

The US Mint has three main facilities that produce the coins we use and collect: Denver, Philadelphia and San Francisco. Not surprisingly, working on the ‘floor’ of these factories of money is a loud affair. The machinery is massive, dirty and potentially dangerous but the […]


As part of the Leica Store DC’s participation in FotoWeek DC I was asked to speak about ILLUMINARIES, my portrait project shot exclusively with their medium format S2 camera and 120mm lens. The camera is a joy to work with and the files were breathtaking. […]

London 2013

Ten way-too-short days in Europe in late August only makes me want to go back as soon as possible. Nothing I say can do justice to the feeling I get observing life in other cultures; still, I am forever grateful to have photography by my […]

Communication Arts Photography Annual 54

I am very grateful to the terrific judges for choosing my portrait of Chakaia Booker for inclusion in the July/August 2013 Photography Annual. CA really showcases the best of the best and this year’s crop of winners are stunning. I am honored to be in […]

Photo Crushes_1

Admiration is often a common result of seeing or hearing something that touches a nerve within us. When that nerve converts the admiration into inspiration I find myself feeling more fulfilled in the world. After many years in photography, I’ve developed a few photo crushes. […]


Personal series are the lifeblood of my work, both the hits and the misses. I told myself a long time ago not to push for ideas but let them just show up and when they do — and if they stick around — go deep […]

Fifty years and counting

Mergers in the airplane industry are hardly a new thing anymore. Growth exploded after World War II as air travel became commonplace. All American Aviation changed its name to All American Airways and began passenger service in 1949. As it grew it changed its name […]