Funhouse Selfie

Some photos work hard to tap into nostalgia; others seem to offer it up easily. And some linger when the haphazard happenstance builds a certain kind of symmetry. My memories of the county fair when I was 14 or 15 were brought to the surface when I came across this ‘selfie’ from a day spent shooting […]

Kevin Plank for Barron’s

A ‘simple’ portrait on white seamless is not always simple. Our recent ten minutes with Kevin Plank, CEO of one of the most remarkable companies in America took place in the lobby of the HQ building at Under Armour’s campus in Baltimore. With the global director of marketing, the national director of communications, a make-up stylist, a […]


Operating from a base in remote Idaho, my friend Andy Anderson has carved out a niche unique in American photography. His glorious work is grounded in a beautiful reality that mines the black seam where art and commerce coincide and create a visceral engaging of the eye leaving the viewer hungry for more. I’ve been […]


Between securing a location, assembling a crew, casting talent, and coordinating schedules, producing an advertising shoot is like making a small movie. With lots of players and lots of moving parts, keeping everyone satisfied and in the loop is an exciting challenge and one that my team and I love to take on. We were […]

Science News

We had a great time working on this cover for Science News, the terrific bi-monthly magazine from DC-based Society For Science & The Public. Big thanks to Stephen Egts, Justine Hirshfeld, Molly Telfer and Seymour Kankel, our intrepid model. Watching Seymour make his way through a few too many powdered donuts was a lesson to […]

Willamette University

“Willamette is a rising star — a place that does its work well and has momentum to claim its rightful spot among the few colleges in this country that prioritize undergraduate education.” This quote from Colleges That Change Lives by Loren Pope pretty much sums up my impression of Willamette University in Salem, Oregon after […]

Chicago – City of the Big Shoulders

My father had a beautiful Telefunken radio that sat atop his dresser in our house in Alabama. Soon after I discovered rock ‘n roll (immeasurably enhanced because of that radio) I discovered WLS, the great rock station beaming strong out of Chicago. Though I have been there at least 20-30 times, it was during my […]