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Photo Crushes_1

Admiration is often a common result of seeing or hearing something that touches a nerve within us. When that nerve converts the admiration into inspiration I find myself feeling more fulfilled in the world. After many years in photography, I’ve developed a few photo crushes. […]

The Big Payback

I Feel Good/ James Brown Music and art have been entwined for centuries, like two arms with one hand. The under-heralded artist Alton S. Tobey described it as “a kinship — as when a musical composition is said to have color and a painting to […]


Workingman Collective is a loose-knit yet ambitious group of artists who espouse the simple edict that ‘your idea is our idea’. Founding members Tom Ashcraft, Peter Winant and Janis Goodman are all seasoned artists and long-time academics in the greater Washington area who combined forces […]

LOOK3 may well be the tightest, most focused entry in the burgeoning field of photography festivals. Over four days in early June LOOK3 devotes itself to the power of documentary photography presented in the small city of Charlottesville, home to the University of Virginia and […]


This recent image by 2009 Pulitzer Prize winner Damon Winter from The New York Times needs no caption…it almost has a soundtrack. Wow. I can’t really say why it stopped me any more than the hundreds and thousands of others that have been shot in […]

Richard Avedon

Late in 1993 I rented my studio to Richard Avedon for several days as he photographed a number of people who had worked in Washington during JFK’s administration. Meeting ‘Dick’ (as he insisted I call him) was a true injection of adrenalin, and listening to […]

The King’s Speech

With Colin Firth‘s much-deserved Golden Globe the other night I was reminded of how beautifully the film uses wide-angle photography. Because it is done so effortlessly, punctuating the story-line just frequently enough, one may not be aware of its impact. But it is there. A […]

burn magazine

Here is the REAL thing; unencumbered, breathtaking and profound documentary photography. Visit now, then please support this slice of greatness and purchase the magazine. Thanks to David Allan Harvey for keeping the fire burning…