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A Day at the Races

On a close-to-perfect spring day I drove to Broadview, a spectacular 500 acre site near The Plains, Va. where the Virginia Gold Cup has its home. I wanted to wander around one of America’s most famous steeplechase events and shoot some of the pageantry and festivities. […]

From a window

Another reason to shout the praises of the iPhone is that sturdy phrase “the best camera is the one you have with you.” Driving through stop and go traffic in any city means a fair amount of…stop. So as not to forfeit shooting opportunities, I […]


As part of the Leica Store DC’s participation in FotoWeek DC I was asked to speak about ILLUMINARIES, my portrait project shot exclusively with their medium format S2 camera and 120mm lens. The camera is a joy to work with and the files were breathtaking. […]


Personal series are the lifeblood of my work, both the hits and the misses. I told myself a long time ago not to push for ideas but let them just show up and when they do — and if they stick around — go deep […]


One of my early heroes in photography was Ernst Haas, an Austrian who was a pioneer of color imagery and in 1962 had the first single-artist exhibition of color photography at Moma. Haas, an early member of Magnum, refused an offer from Life Magazine in […]

we two…

The Family of Man, the companion volume to Edward Steichen’s seminal 1955 exhibition of the same name at MoMA, was the first book of photography to have a lasting impact on me. Before I ever picked up a camera, I remember the distinct pull of […]


In Haiti, chaos is deeply woven into the fabric of life. From the challenge of navigating the turmoil at the airport to weaving our way through the heat, noise, dirt and traffic on the narrow roads, my introduction to this fragile place was a needed jolt of […]

Atlas Container: random beauty

Photography’s ability to isolate pieces of our environment is one of its greatest strengths and one of its most misleading arbiters of art. While I wander around the controlled chaos at Atlas I see pictures everywhere; but in execution some work and some don’t. Without […]

Atlas Container: day2

Thelma insisted on her cardboard ‘skirt’…Alan is a ‘double-backer’ on the huge corrugated cardboard line…and Paul is Atlas’s jack-of-all-trades. As of 2/24/11, seventy-two members of the Atlas family have agreed to pose for me. Stay tuned…