Willamette University

“Willamette is a rising star — a place that does its work well and has momentum to claim its rightful spot among the few colleges in this country that prioritize undergraduate education.” This quote from Colleges That Change Lives by Loren Pope pretty much sums up my impression of Willamette University in Salem, Oregon after […]


In Haiti, chaos is deeply woven into the fabric of life. From the challenge of navigating the turmoil at the airport to weaving our way through the heat, noise, dirt and traffic on the narrow roads, my introduction to this fragile place was a needed jolt of reality. I recently volunteered to document an experiment where psycho-social […]

The Phillips Collection

Had a great day wandering around The Phillips Collection recently, watching the watchers and hiding in plain sight. It’s remarkable how far digital technology has come in just a few short years. The image in this poster was shot at f2.8, ISO 1600 in available light. The most current processors in many cameras (consumer and […]

One that almost got away…

A great by-product from over thirty years in photography is the joy I still feel when I find a lost image, a photo that I don’t initially remember shooting but that resonates with me in a way that is hard to describe. In the mid-1970’s I was fortunate to be the first staff photographer at […]