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One That Almost Got Away_5

During the search for images to accompany my post about Delamer Duverus and my week at The University of Missouri Photojournalism Workshop in 1977,  I stumbled on a photograph that (again) I have no memory of shooting. And in that this image feels so unlike […]

Delamer Duverus

In the fall of 1977, three years into my job as staff photographer at The National Zoo, I was getting bored. With little structure to guide me and being too young to appreciate what I had, I started thinking about shifting gears. For several years […]

Chris Hitchens

One of my first assignments for Vanity Fair was a portrait of Christopher Hitchens for the magazine’s monthly contributor profiles. I believe Chris was fairly new to the magazine but I was already aware of his well-deserved reputation. An unfortunate mishap had occurred a few […]

One that almost got away…

A great by-product from over thirty years in photography is the joy I still feel when I find a lost image, a photo that I don’t initially remember shooting but that resonates with me in a way that is hard to describe. In the mid-1970’s […]


When I tell people I grew up in a small city in northern Alabama I am routinely met with a quizzical “wow, what was that like?” Truth is, without anything to compare it to, I like to think it was similar to growing up almost anywhere […]


The first 4×5 camera I bought is a lovely little folding machine that weighs barely a pound. In the mid-1970’s I went through a period of photographic wandering with that camera shooting a number of store windows at night. When I recently came across the […]