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Defiant Requiem

A photograph of someone should provide evidence of a collaboration, of a moment in time not unlike two people simply having a strong, satisfying conversation. Similarly, so many great moments in film and television frequently feature the stark simplicity of two people talking. There might […]

Go with your gut…

Go with your gut…

Things to love about magazine photography, Part 2: -Phone rings at 4pm on a Tuesday. -Can you shoot on Wednesday? Yes. -Need the final file on Thursday. Can do. Its such a rush for me to show up at a new place, be shown a […]

digital saves the day

A photograph can appear so quickly that almost before it registers it’s gone. All in an instant, my instinct is to lift the camera, point and pray. If I had seen this photo when film was king and the exposure was as far off as […]


I watched a movie two weeks ago that has stuck with me inordinately longer than many of the ones I watch, so much so that when I read about Doug Wheeler’s new show at David Zwirner Gallery (at the age of 72 his first solo […]


I’ve been given the chance to help introduce the NX200, a new camera by Samsung. Through a casual email dialogue with BLINK (a very cool Korean magazine) I was asked to participate in the launch of this new mirror-less camera which features: interchangeable lenses, a […]

de Kooning

Being in the presence of great art never ceases to open my mind to the interpretation of life and the myriad ways we all experience things. A painting, seemingly abstract, can contain shapes and forms that echo reality in such a profound way that meaning […]


A recent survey found that many people spend a cumulative total of nine or more years watching television…

Central Park: Shopper’s Heaven

I have passed this sign near Fredericksburg, VA several times but finally stopped to admire its all-in-one magnificence…I had to take a picture. Really, could anything match this for efficiency? Or for subtlety? Frederick Law Olmsted must be turning in his grave.

My Eyes

We must have gotten our first television when I was six or seven; boxy, ugly, imposing and fascinating all at once. The only problem was I had to sit very close to see the picture clearly. By the time I was eight, I was wearing […]