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Willamette University

“Willamette is a rising star — a place that does its work well and has momentum to claim its rightful spot among the few colleges in this country that prioritize undergraduate education.” This quote from Colleges That Change Lives by Loren Pope pretty much sums […]

US Mint

The US Mint has three main facilities that produce the coins we use and collect: Denver, Philadelphia and San Francisco. Not surprisingly, working on the ‘floor’ of these factories of money is a loud affair. The machinery is massive, dirty and potentially dangerous but the […]

Melissa Etheridge

I had the opportunity to photograph Melissa Etheridge for The National Museum of Women in the Arts ’25 Art Lovers’ campaign. Honored by the museum at their annual fundraiser/dinner as a tie-in to their successful ‘Women in Rock’ exhibition, Melissa arrived on schedule with a […]


I always love it when I get challenged by an assignment, when someone has enough confidence in my skills and invites me to step in a different direction and collaborate on making a concept come to life. So when Tom Kendzie of Grafik Communications contacted […]

Honor Guard

Since the opening of the World War II Memorial in 2004 in Washington, thousands of veterans have been flown in from all over the country to visit this monumental offering to the ‘greatest war’. These Honor Guard ‘honorings’ are an impressive undertaking by dedicated men […]


In early December I had the pleasure of working with Clint White and Sean Keepers of WiT Media (an arts and cultural communications agency in New York) on a new campaign for The National Museum of Women in the Arts. The project celebrates the museum’s […]

Sally Bedell Smith

A great by-product of photographing someone more than once is that if a comfort level is established during the first session a deeper, more rewarding experience can occur at future shoots. When I first photographed Sally Bedell Smith for Vanity Fair (in 2002) it didn’t […]

Those pesky numbers…

I had to go digging into the archives to find this outtake from a shoot I had done for Alpha Magazine in 2004 of then-Senator Jon Corzine, Democrat of New Jersey. Corzine was a star bond trader for Goldman Sachs in the late 1980’s and […]

Chris Hitchens

One of my first assignments for Vanity Fair was a portrait of Christopher Hitchens for the magazine’s monthly contributor profiles. I believe Chris was fairly new to the magazine but I was already aware of his well-deserved reputation. An unfortunate mishap had occurred a few […]