Re-Vision: 50th Anniversary of Philip Johnson’s Kreeger Museum


Along with five other photographers, I was commissioned to document The Kreeger Museum in Washington,  Philip Johnson’s masterful work of architecture as it celebrates its 50th anniversary. For my portion, I envisioned a 30′ floating shelf where the 36 8×10 Dibond-mounted photographs (shot exclusively with an iPhone) could be displayed in a structured yet informal way, an attempt to foster the idea that the images might be seen more as sketches than as stand-alone photographs. I wanted them to be viewed in a stream-of-consciousness sort of way, allowing a visitor to move along at a comfortable pace or perhaps double-back should the instinct arise. My hope was that this might highlight some of the subtle, more intimate details of this ‘museum-as-house’ and its world-class collection of paintings and sculptures.

The show runs through July 29.


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  1. Paul says:

    You are a very talented man. Great work, start to finish.

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