Kevin Plank for Barron’s


A ‘simple’ portrait on white seamless is not always simple. Our recent ten minutes with Kevin Plank, CEO of one of the most remarkable companies in America took place in the lobby of the HQ building at Under Armour’s campus in Baltimore. With the global director of marketing, the national director of communications, a make-up stylist, a wardrobe stylist, my first assistant, six light stands, four lights, a tripod, a beauty dish, a roll of seamless, various reflectors, a laptop computer tethered to the camera, backup cameras and lenses, grip equipment and a rolling cart there was barely any room for the photographer.

And though I knew the magazine would silhouette their favorite shot, I’ve always loved photos where you see the at least a part of the set.

Big thanks to Adrian DeLucca and Amber Sexton of Barron’s for the chance to shoot the head of the company determined to dethrone Nike.



One thought on “Kevin Plank for Barron’s”

  1. Annie Houston says:

    Seeing the set up photo with the set creates a rather surrealistic quality.

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