Chicago – City of the Big Shoulders


My father had a beautiful Telefunken radio that sat atop his dresser in our house in Alabama. Soon after I discovered rock ‘n roll (immeasurably enhanced because of that radio) I discovered WLS, the great rock station beaming strong out of Chicago. Though I have been there at least 20-30 times, it was during my most recent visit that I made the connection between those early years of infatuation with the defining music of my generation and my growing love of the city. And on every visit I fall in love with it more: classic skyscrapers, urban grit, a manageable downtown and damn terrific eats.  But the best part are the people I have met and worked with.

So now with my iPhone as a constant companion I can give this infatuation its due. Here’s hoping I have the chance to continue my love affair with the city with such big shoulders.









One thought on “Chicago – City of the Big Shoulders”

  1. Annie Houston says:

    The top photo took my breath away for its sheer beauty and strength.

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