Melissa Etheridge


I had the opportunity to photograph Melissa Etheridge for The National Museum of Women in the Arts ’25 Art Lovers’ campaign. Honored by the museum at their annual fundraiser/dinner as a tie-in to their successful ‘Women in Rock’ exhibition, Melissa arrived on schedule with a full entourage: her partner, her stylist (who made the cool coat), her publicist and an assistant.

My crew and I had ample time to build the shot and since I love to work from the background forward for these types of assignments, we were able to finesse the details all the while conscious of museum patrons wandering in the other rooms. Melissa was a great subject; professional, confident and able to nail her pose without trouble. I was told I would have ten minutes, we were done in seven.

One thought on “Melissa Etheridge”

  1. Annie Houston says:

    Love the pose and the painting in next rooma nd then the one beyond….cool shot, Max!

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