I always love it when I get challenged by an assignment, when someone has enough confidence in my skills and invites me to step in a different direction and collaborate on making a concept come to life.

So when Tom Kendzie of Grafik Communications contacted me about working on a series of images for a new client I was excited to stretch my wings. The brief called for five photos that would illustrate routine situations being interrupted by an ‘A-HA’ moment, in the hopes that a reader will see a humorous image and stop for more than five seconds to give the message a chance to sink in. But ‘funny’ is a hard sell in photography and like beauty, the laugh is in the ‘eye’ of the beholder.

Now even with the best laid plans, Murphy’s Law always seems to rear its head. With the model standing barefoot in a small tub we never considered that as the coffee began to spill from the mug it would splash both his pants and splash up from the bottom of the tub. Cue the stylist with a hair dryer, a steamer and a light touch. After re-grouping: one frame and we were done.

Photoshop came to the rescue with another concept (burning hot dogs in an outdoor grill) when we discovered there would be difficulty getting the flame and smoke to read clearly against a light wooden fence. One exposure for the flames and smoke and another for the grill-with-dogs-set and we solved the puzzle.

After all the ‘fun’ of these shoots and the ‘laughter’ we aimed for these images never saw the light of day.

One thought on “Funny?”

  1. Greetings, Max Hirshfeld. I am admiring your beautiful art work. We met in Silver Spring. Photographer Lloyd Wolf encouraged me to contact you after you took my photo at the Fenton Garden. Maybe I’ll be able to find you on Facebook. I wasn’t sure you had my e-mail address correct. I’m also trying to organize a display of photos at the local college. I’m glad I met you, to hear your story about the illustrator with the granddaughter. . . .And I’m eager to see the Silver Spring photo. Best -Caleb Kriesberg

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