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My first day in Las Vegas for the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) started at dawn. My view of the strip from The Palms was a graphic reminder that Vegas has a skyline that from a distance looks like any densely packed, urban center but up close (the Strip) is all about entertainment and though unemployment is reported at 14%, the hotels were claiming a 95% occupancy rate last week.

Samsung had invited me to participate in the launch of the NX200, the mirror-less, interchangeable camera system I have been testing during the last few months. Along with a great team from Weber Shandwick/London (Cynthia Wawrzyniak, Amy Sutton and Hannah Stewart) I was asked to be on the floor of the show for three days as a sort of roving ambassador, albeit one with a sexy, retro-looking camera around my neck.

With technological wonders filling the place to the rafters, Samsung had dozens of product experts on the floor and made a strong showing with dozens of new releases: from the aforementioned jewel of a camera to their new 80-inch televisions to the remarkable Galaxy Note handheld device. Samsung really showed their muscle. Estimates stated that over 140,000 people were at the multiple venues for the show and at some moments it felt as if every single one of them came through the Samsung booth (which at 28,000 square feet was the largest of them all).

Technology is moving quickly to keep all our software and the data it produces in cloud storage suggesting that the era of the exploding need to back-up and store digital information on-site will soon be over. Samsung introduced touch-screen technology in various sizes, from the Galaxy Tab line, through a desktop pc all the way up to this stunning table-size touch-screen that reminded me of Minority Report, the 2002 Spielberg film starring Tom Cruise that is based on the 1956 Philip K. Dick short story of the same name.

Maybe it is just a matter of time before products become obsolete almost before they are released. I sometimes joke that future generations will be born with a tiny slot in their heads for a memory card and when they blink two times, quickly, the image being looked at will be recorded on the card for download later. I’m betting Samsung will be the first to make this happen.