Samsung NX200_3


This weekend I made a final push to finish uploading 30 photos shot with the new Samsung. The camera will be officially introduced at the huge Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas in early January 2012.

These images were shot at Gold Leaf Studios in Dupont Circle, 8000 sq ft of art and art ephemera; architectural oddities alongside pieces from some of the great Washington mansions; hundreds of frames and full facilities to re-create any frame; and or course, gold and all the gilding apparatus that go with this venerable craft. Mix in the random detritus from thirty years of omnivorous collecting by William Adair (more lovingly referred to as Billy or Spiderman) and you have the making of a unique wonderland and emporium for the eyes. Whenever I walk into Gold Leaf Studios I feel like I am stepping through an oddly diffuse portal to the past; I feel transported back through the more gracious parts of art and architectural history.

The NX200 has a setting titled ‘retro’, an instantaneous way to match the sheen of the picture with appropriate subject matter. This was a nostalgic meeting of the minds.