I’ve been given the chance to help introduce the NX200, a new camera by Samsung. Through a casual email dialogue with BLINK (a very cool Korean magazine) I was asked to participate in the launch of this new mirror-less camera which features: interchangeable lenses, a 20.3 MP chip, 1080 HD video and a terrific, very user-friendly interface…pretty impressive credentials!

Sixty photographers were asked to shoot (and upload to Facebook) thirty photographs during November; after a worldwide voting two winners will receive the entire system. Oh, and as long as the participants honor that commitment the camera is theirs to keep.

The global competition has intensified as most of the large camera companies (Nikon, Sony, Fuji and Samsung) have squeezed more and more features into less and less space. A photo from a 20 mp chip when processed conventionally in photoshop produces a file of almost 60 mb…huge by almost all standards. The Samsung, like the new Nikon 1, comes with an array of lenses in both prime and zoom configurations, auxiliary flashes, external microphones and in the case of Nlkon, the ability to connect their huge line of professional grade lenses.

Is all this necessary? I guess as more images are made, more and more possibilities exist for that ‘making’ of pictures (or taking as the case more often is). But in the end strong photography is not necessarily enhanced by more equipment. But in the hands of good talent every little improvement can be added to the experience — and maybe to the quality of the output.

In Samsung’s attempt to be anything to anyone, this camera comes with a dozen choices for ‘taste’ which creates an overlay to give the image a unique visual twist…all with the click of a mouse. Herewith one of those that is called Nostalgic Toy Camera. Along with the great iPhone interfaces from Hipstamatic I am beginning to see a correlation between our yearnings for a simpler, gentler time when choices were fewer but dreams were bigger and today’s plethora of options in photography. The camera companies are very clearly hoping to re-create that feeling of opening a dusty box of photographs in grandma’s attic and finding heaven.

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