de Kooning

Design, Ephemera

Being in the presence of great art never ceases to open my mind to the interpretation of life and the myriad ways we all experience things. A painting, seemingly abstract, can contain shapes and forms that echo reality in such a profound way that meaning blends with craft to create a great ‘other’.

The exhaustive but exquisite show of de Kooning‘s work at MoMA inserts the viewer into the swirl of his maturation and genius all while dodging the crowds that inevitably jam a blockbuster show like this. A great exemplar of Abstract Expressionism, de Kooning’s output peaked well before the painting that really got to me but of all the threads in his work, Pirate (Untitled II), 1981, encapsulates his love of women, gesture, color and mystery.

I broke the rules by photographing this painting (easy to do with a small camera around your neck and a seasoned technique) which lovingly but unmistakably highlights an angle of the female form best enjoyed in the comfort of the imagination.