I was in NYC for a project and after scouting and planning our shoot for the next day, we wandered over to MoMA. It’s Monday afternoon at 4 and the place is jammed; museum culture is very much alive in the city that never sleeps.

Talk To Me: Design and the Communication between People and Objects is a show I get…the message is very clear. But why do I feel so old? I fumble with my iPhone to take advantage of the QR code credo but I quickly realize I am missing the moments I most desire. The effort for a ‘Quick Response’ is slowing me down.

Is digital technology the end-all and be-all tool to allow me to be experiencing what it is I should be grasping RIGHT NOW..? Or am I of the generational mind-set that gives rise to doubts about the new/now/new approach that tricks my analog history into thinking it has leapt the great divide and landed wholly in the new world?

I revert back to the sweet little camera around my neck, the one that looks analog on the front but shoots hi-res beauties inside, set now to record in B/W but giving me total control if I choose to use the images in color. As I find my comfort zone I realize that maybe I am most like the view from ultra-modernist MoMA that sees the vintage Manhattan on 54th Street as it blends with contemporary midtown, a bridge from here to there and back.

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