iPhone Friday_1


Dreams have been described as a way for the brain to catalogue all the thoughts and occurrences of the day…sort of an endless box where note cards come randomly tumbling in as the brain tries to sort things out. But since the introduction of the iPhone all the images I choose to shoot don’t seem to appear in my dreams; they now are grabbed, almost instantaneously, and filed in their own randomly tumbled way.  And as life and my craving to record it continues unabated, I now have a great tool with which to quickly sketch the visual oddities in the world that intrigue me.

But the images pile up in the camera and I tend to forget to review and catalogue them…sort of like life I guess. So I hope to button up my incessant iPhone shooting with a weekly edit. Here are a few recent waking dreams…


One thought on “iPhone Friday_1”

  1. mahmoud el-darwish says:

    Think you’ve got a stream of consciousness problem? Imagine what it’s like with grabbed video clips instead of stills!
    Videos are Stills on Steriods :)

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