The King’s Speech

Commentary, Respect

With Colin Firth‘s much-deserved Golden Globe the other night I was reminded of how beautifully the film uses wide-angle photography. Because it is done so effortlessly, punctuating the story-line just frequently enough, one may not be aware of its impact. But it is there. A great photographic lesson in how lens choice can add immeasurably to our visual experience.

And of course there is that great studio…

One thought on “The King’s Speech”

  1. mike caplanis says:

    haven’t seen this, heard it’s great. anything with geoffrey rush is worth seeing, i figure. a pal at the office has all 5 seasons of ‘the wire’ on dvd and is lending me. never saw a single episode but everybody says it’s terrific. what that has to do with the king’s speech is, well, it has nothing to do with the kings speech, but a bunch of great performances by great performers all round, eh?

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