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Late one night, almost nine years ago, I had a sort of photographic epiphany: street portraits of random people caught on a single piece of film (digital was not yet my tool of choice). To complicate matters, I added the idea that all the pictures be captured with the same camera, lens, film, lighting, distance-from-subject, etc. I also chose to find and utilize a style of background that had slipped from favor with current trends. Oh, and I also had to have willing subjects.

Over the course of the next four years (2003-2007), in Washington, Baltimore, Philadelphia, Los Angeles and San Diego, I photographed over 300 people for OneShot, ten of which are featured on this dynamite site from Barcelona, The site features a wealth of information on the current state of fashion, jewelry and photography. They also produce a weekly newsletter for those of you whose in-boxes don’t receive enough mail.

The ten images at noovo more or less define my project so I wanted to highlight some of the others, hoping to give the series a little bit more breathing room. In early 2007 EYEMAZING, the stunning Dutch photography quarterly, ran a terrific essay by Clayton Maxwell along with seven of my images.

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  2. mike caplanis says:

    i hadn’t noticed this before, but the arrangement of shots here has a sort of rauschenbergian feel. the distance plays a role, and it helps if you squint.

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