Broadway, LA style

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Fredi Reiher and I stood outside Clifton’s Brookdale Cafeteria on Broadway in the heart of old Los Angeles in November 2006. We were patiently waiting, through most of the day, for people to agree to be photographed for my OneShot project. Clifton’s facade is a beautiful example of the type of background I seek for the series and the street-life in that part of L.A. is a great source for subjects. It was a productive day: 17 portraits.

So when I recently read on Richard Renaldi’s blog that change is coming for Clifton’s, I knew it didn’t bode well for this unique slice from the West Coast’s ‘Great White Way’. As a surreal note, we were accompanied for most of the day by this fellow who spent the entire time screaming at the top of his very-hoarse lungs. And no, money put in his box really didn’t help.


One thought on “Broadway, LA style”

  1. mike caplanis says:

    money in boxes is rarely helpful. the helpfulness of money increases greatly when out of the box and being spent. however, this guy would probably spend it unwisely once out of that box. maybe, though unhelpful the money is best left in the box. this is the basis, after all, of thrift, and god knows, thrift is in short supply. as is money, so it depends on what you want: thrift or money. i’ll take the money, as long as you’re handing it out.

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