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My first visit to Europe was in 1972; 13 weeks from London to Barcelona, to Paris, to Hamburg, to Malmo and Paris again, then off to Israel and Greece. But no Italy. Fast forward to 2010 and I finally made it to Rome. Here’s the view from my hotel room moments after arrival. I guess the view hasn’t changed much since 1972…

2 thoughts on “Rome”

  1. mike caplanis says:

    i want a view like this. it looks like a set from the italian version of rear window. in this film, the jimmy stewart character is an italian soldier (rosano brazzi) all shot up from the ethiopian campaign. as he recovers, he falls in love with anna magnani (in the grace kelly role), who brings him chianti and various cheeses. akim tamiroff plays the killer (the part played originally by raymond burr).

  2. mahmoud el-darwish says:

    Love Italy. Show us more. It doesn’t change much except in the AutoStrada.

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