Copies of my latest promo rolling out this week. Beautifully designed and curated by Jack Lanza, OneShot features sixteen single-exposure portraits photographed on the streets of five American cities. Check out          

A (mini) Grand Tour

Two weeks in Italy can hardly do it justice, but to feed my need to see the classics we started with three of the great cities: Milan, Venice and Florence. La Scala, non-stop fashion and The Last Supper made Milan come to life despite the […]

Rebecca Goldin for Quanta Magazine

When Rebecca Goldin spoke to a recent class of incoming freshmen at George Mason University, she relayed a disheartening statistic: According to a recent study, 36 percent of college students don’t significantly improve in critical thinking during their four-year tenure. “These students had trouble distinguishing fact from […]

Edelman Financial for Barron’s

The brief was to shoot a ‘less-than-conventional’ portrait of three principals of Edelman Financial Services for Barron’s. But with nowhere to shoot in their offices, having a roll of seamless paper (as our Plan B) was a real life-saver. Thanks to Adrian DeLucca and Amber Sexton of […]

Re-Vision: 50th Anniversary of Philip Johnson’s Kreeger Museum

Along with five other photographers, I was commissioned to document The Kreeger Museum in Washington,  Philip Johnson’s masterful work of architecture as it celebrates its 50th anniversary. For my portion, I envisioned a 30′ floating shelf where the 36 8×10 Dibond-mounted photographs (shot exclusively with […]

Looking At Looking

Just received copies of my latest promo, a 28pg folio featuring images of visitors at the National Gallery of Art viewing masterworks by Rothko, Picasso, Titian, Turner, Pollock and many others. Landing soon of the desks of great creatives everywhere!

CIA Memorial Wall

This wall’s powerful reminder of the sacrifices made for this country by the intelligence community could not be diminished by the recent coercion of its message by Donald Trump. Though I photographed the wall almost twenty years ago its impact remains.  


Just mailed a great little trifold promotion featuring selections from several corporate image libraries we have shot over the past two years. Big thanks to Justine Hirshfeld for the inspired, elegant design.  

Like mining for images…

The choice of background can make or break a photograph. And when I’ve had multiple assignments in the same office building the search for something new becomes ever more important. I love shooting portraits on location, but looking for the right setting — akin to rummaging around […]

Gallery Stock

I am now represented by Gallery Stock, one of the world’s leading stock photography companies. Part of Great Bowery, a new organization that brings together the leading agencies in the fashion and image-making industry, Gallery Stock offers top-notch images from some of the best photographers […]

Secretary of the Smithsonian

Approximately one year ago I learned I had been short-listed to shoot the official portrait of Larry Small, the eleventh Secretary of the Smithsonian Institution. Nine of the ten prior commissions were oil paintings with the tenth (of I. Michael Heyman, Secretary from 1994-1999) completed […]


Ilona Siller, an art producer at BBDO, has started a great Instagram feed and I am honored to be featured. Thanks Ilona!