Operating from a base in remote Idaho, my friend Andy Anderson has carved out a niche unique in American photography. His glorious work is grounded in a beautiful reality that mines the black seam where art and commerce coincide and create a visceral engaging of the eye leaving the viewer hungry for more.

I’ve been following Andy’s career for some time now and through the benefit of the internet and the chaotic clarity of social media we have become comrades-in-arms.

I am such a fan of his work that I sometimes forget how hard he works to make it all look so easy.

Bravo, maestro!













Between securing a location, assembling a crew, casting talent, and coordinating schedules, producing an advertising shoot is like making a small movie. With lots of players and lots of moving parts, keeping everyone satisfied and in the loop is an exciting challenge and one that my team and I love to take on.

We were recently tasked with shooting a library of images for Medifast, a Maryland-based company at the forefront of sensible weight-control. Shooting with seasoned talent over two days in a sprawling, gracious residence in Bethesda, our team of seven and a terrifically supportive client and agency made our job of producing the more than twenty-five images a piece of cake.

Medifast_Max1_lo Medifast_Max9_lo Medifast_Max6_lo Medifast_Max5_lo Medifast_Max4_lo Medifast_Max3_lo Medifast_max2_lo

Science News

We had a great time working on this cover for Science News, the terrific bi-monthly magazine from DC-based Society For Science & The Public. Big thanks to Stephen Egts, Justine Hirshfeld, Molly Telfer and Seymour Kankel, our intrepid model.

Watching Seymour make his way through a few too many powdered donuts was a lesson to us all about how our eyes are almost always bigger than our stomachs.


Willamette University

“Willamette is a rising star — a place that does its work well and has momentum to claim its rightful spot among the few colleges in this country that prioritize undergraduate education.”

This quote from Colleges That Change Lives by Loren Pope pretty much sums up my impression of Willamette University in Salem, Oregon after recently shooting an image library for their next viewbook. Working with a great production team I created hundreds of images during our four days of shooting.

I was especially impressed with the students’ obvious love of the school and their zeal for learning, and the passion exhibited by the faculty made me yearn for a chance to ‘do’ school all over again.

For a small school Willamette carries a big stick.

WU_1 WU_4 WU_8 WU_9 WU_10 WU_12 WU_15WU_17

Chicago – City of the Big Shoulders

My father had a beautiful Telefunken radio that sat atop his dresser in our house in Alabama. Soon after I discovered rock ‘n roll (immeasurably enhanced because of that radio) I discovered WLS, the great rock station beaming strong out of Chicago. Though I have been there at least 20-30 times, it was during my most recent visit that I made the connection between those early years of infatuation with the defining music of my generation and my growing love of the city. And on every visit I fall in love with it more: classic skyscrapers, urban grit, a manageable downtown and damn terrific eats.  But the best part are the people I have met and worked with.

So now with my iPhone as a constant companion I can give this infatuation its due. Here’s hoping I have the chance to continue my love affair with the city with such big shoulders.









A Day at the Races

On a close-to-perfect spring day I drove to Broadview, a spectacular 500 acre site near The Plains, Va. where the Virginia Gold Cup has its home. I wanted to wander around one of America’s most famous steeplechase events and shoot some of the pageantry and festivities.

The horses are pretty spectacular but for me this type of event is all about the people and at more than 50,000 in attendance it was definitely less about the sport and more about drinking, betting, cigars and…drinking.

Think I need a better hat next time.









APA/LA Off The Clock

Thrilled to have two of my images accepted for APA/LA’s ‘Off The Clock’, the annual exhibition of personal work. Of the more than 900 images submitted only 100 were selected by the curator, legendary fashion photographer Melvin Sokolsky. The one night exhibition was packed and will travel to TBWA\Chiat Day, Saatchi & Saatchi, Deutsch and Ignited, four of LA’s top agencies.

There were a number of strong images in the show from such stellar photographers as Andrew Balfour, Todd Baxter, Markku Lahdesmaki, Stan Musilek, and Dana Neibert. I am in great company.